"Being with you is not an emotion

 not an addiction

it's a state of being. 

I love you in every parcel of my soul"

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At 55, June finds herself mysteriously pregnant. She will delve into her past in the hopes of finding out what is really growing inside her.

Is June's pregnancy hysterical?


Hysterical, phantom, false, pseudocyesis...Doctors have all these names for this condition - one in which a woman may grow a belly, test positive on urine tests, and have contractions without actually being pregnant.

But do doctors really understand it?



After 30 years of marriage and many attempts  to conceive,  Leo left June.

Now that June is alone, memories start to resurface. But the memories that are coming up are not of June's life with Leo, they bring back Sam.



17 years ago. June, 38, met Sam, 25.  

To cross the river of love, you have to drown. They would have. So, what happened?

Searching new fields of life


Nicola Tesla found the switch: a point  where electric current flips and goes back. Like him, June searches the past and present for new fields of life and a way to reverse life and love.

Frederique Nahmani (writer, producer, June)


Frederique's previous films include Zero One  (upcoming), an existential comedy, and Universal Language (6 time award winner) both set in Paris and directed by Kirsten Russell.

Frederique has extensively performed and produced theatre in New York, Paris and London (incl Miss Julie, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Brilliant Traces, Cloud Tectonics, The Real Thing, Les Bonnes Manières, Roundelay). She's lived in New York for the better, or worse, of the past 20 years - with occasional spells in London or her native Paris. She's trained at Nissan Nativ, Lee Strasberg and with Larry Moss, also graduating from Sciences Po. Paris and Columbia Business School.

Her other feature in development, titled Petite Fleur, is a comedic tale about dreams and literary myths.

Minjo (Directors)


Min Ding and Jonah Bleicher met during their MFA film studies at Columbia University.  Min is the recipient of the Columbia Women-in- Film Fellowship and the Student Production Grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. She wrote and directed several award-winning shorts, incl: Three Light Bulbs, which premiered at Busan International Film Festival in 2013. Her 2nd thesis film Rattlefly premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival and won Best Short at Cinequest. 

Jonah Bleicher holds a BFA in Animation from Rhode Island School of Design (2004) and an MFA in film directing from Columbia University (2013). He has worked as a writer, director, photographer, animator, designer, illustrator and musician. He is the recipient of the Sloan Foundation production grant in 2012 for the short film “The King’s Pawn” which premiered on where it received the “Vimeo Staff Pick” award. His film “Siren”, based on a story by Etgar Keret, has played in festivals all over the world.   Jonah has directed five short films and many commercials and music videos.

Why this film

'The past has nothing to teach us' is something we're told. 

I think the opposite. That, if a switch does exist, it lies in us, somewhere in our past where pain still lingers. Baby Love takes us there. June's 'hysterical' pregnancy (a label still used to diminish or negate strong female experiences and viewpoints) brings us to her place of loss. The loss of her fertility in the present and, to an extent, social worth. In the past, the loss of a baby, love and herself, with a decision to end a pregnancy.

I hope this narrative gives a voice to all who identify as women. With this film, we want to be fully present with women at different ages of their lives. Because our pro-choice rights still need to be protected, which is unfortunate, we've not allowed ourselves to speak out freely about the long term impact and ramifications of abortion.  I don't think that's fair to women and men. It is our responsibility to prepare and support women who makes that choice. I also want to be present with women who can no longer have that choice because their clock has ticked past that point. 


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